E-Mail Notice

  I can be reached via e-mail at jess@wiw.org. However, due to time constraints, I am currently having trouble responding to all the e-mail I'm receiving regarding the Space Quest series. Here is a brief checklist to ensure your e-mail the best chance of being answered:

  1. Please check the Broomcloset Walk-Throughs for a solution before asking for hints.

  2. If you're looking for answers to the copy protection portions of the games (i.e., the codes in SQ1VGA and SQ5 or the datacorder puzzle in SQ6), don't bother.

  3. Do the Skate-O-Rama or SQ12 portions of Space Quest 4 have you stumped? Are the Sequel Police moving too quickly? Try downloading the MOSLO patch from the Broomcloset Patches Page.

  4. If you're looking for pirated copies of the Space Quest games, try somewhere else.
If your e-mail conforms to the above points, please send it right along. I also recommend trying out the new Broomcloset message board, Roger Wilco's Subspace Channel, for a great new place to find rumors, hints, info, and more.

  Thanks for your consideration and best wishes!

Your friendly neighborhood custodian,

Jess Morrissette

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