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Welcome to Lost-vivor — all the mystery and adventure of Lost with an added dash of Survivor-style competition! Please note that the section ahead contains spoilers for this week’s episode of Lost. Proceed at your own risk.

desmond charlotte
Why He’s This Week’s Winner:
Hey, it took seriously cojones for Desmond to waltz right into Widmore’s office and demand answers concerning Daniel Faraday’s mother. Oh, and he was lucky enough to bump into The Custodian Who Knows Quite A Bit For A Custodian during his visit to Oxford. And he and Penny have a son!
Coolest Moment:
Desmond’s description to little Charlie of the magical island where he used to live…that turns out to be Great Britain.
Why She’s This Week’s Loser:
Ah…the nosebleed. It’s television writers’ favorite fallback symptom when they need to portray a mysterious, as yet unexplained disease on screen. In this case, I’m pretty sure it’s acute time travel-itis, but I suppose it could always be good old-fashioned anemia.
Lamest Moment:
Collapsing with said nosebleed, just as the episode ended. The good news is that I’m almost certain I saw her up and marching through the jungle in the promo for next week’s episode.

Confused by the new format? Check out the recap of “Because You Left” for more details.

Remember that countdown of the Top 30 “WTF?!” Moments in LOST History I did a few months ago? Well, I think we can officially add the revelation that Charles Widmore is a former member of the Others to the list. I’ll go on record saying that the Widmore reveal has been my favorite moment of the season thus far. I’m already drawing up scenarios in my head. I’m thinking that perhaps Richard Alpert’s choice of a young Ben Linus as the future leader of the Others is the source of the animosity between Ben and Charles, ultimately resulting in Charles’ departure — or maybe even exile — from the Island. Very cool stuff, and an awesome twist.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online that Des and Penny’s son Charlie, thanks to the miracle of time travel, will somehow end up being either Charles Widmore or Charlie Pace (Our Beloved Rock Hobbit) when he grows up. Call me crazy, but I just assumed Desmond wanted to name his son in memory of a friend who sacrificed his life for his fellow castaways.

Random Thoughts…

  • Juliet’s bit about learning Latin (”the enlightened language”) in Others 101 easily won the Best Quip award this week.
  • I get the feeling that Locke is being set up for a big fall vis-à-vis the Others. Hearing him call them “my people” and identifying himself as “sent by Jacob” just reminds me of all the other times in his life when Locke has felt accepted or important. Yeah, none of those worked out so great.
  • Aww…Daniel admitted that he’s in love with Charlotte. Have I mentioned that I really dig both of these characters? Charlotte took a little while to grow on me, but the freighter people as a whole have been excellent additions to the cast.
  • Fellow Internet geeks are all over the fact that the “enhanced” rebroadcast of “The Lie” from last week revealed that Ms. Hawking’s first name is Eloise, and that the female Other who Daniel thought he recognized from somewhere was named Ellie. Furthermore, all signs point of Ms. Hawking/Ellie being Daniel’s mother. Can the LOST writers really have made it this easy for us?
  • If I’m not mistaken, the compass that Richard Alpert and Locke have traded back and forth now exists in a time loop. Chronologically, the earliest time at which the compass is known to exist is depicted in this episode, when Locke gives it to Richard Alpert in the past. However, in order for Locke to give it to Richard, Locke had to first travel through time in order for Richard to give the watch to him in the present (or at least much closer to the present — if “the present” even means anything anymore on LOST). I loved the predestination paradox Locke set up by telling Richard to swing by the hospital in a few years to witness his birth, though.
  • Overall, another top-notch effort. I was afraid the show couldn’t follow through on the momentum it built up in Season Four, but so far so good. I’ll be back in a couple of days with a recap of this week’s episode, “The Little Prince.” Take care!

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    1. RZ February 2, 2009 3:06 pm

      Didn’t Locke give Sayid a compass in season 1, saying he doesn’t need it anymore? I remember Sayid having issues with the accuracy of the compass, and which way was really north. Is there a link between those compasses?

    2. Jess February 2, 2009 3:55 pm

      @RZ: Yep, Locke gave Sayid a compass back in the first season. Lostpedia suggests that Locke brought at least two compasses to the Island with him. As far as I know, however, there’s no evidence of link between those compasses and the Significant Compass(TM).

      I have to say that the whole compass bit in “Jughead” made Richard Alpert’s “Which of these already belongs to you?” test of Young John Locke from last season about a million times cooler.

    3. Danny February 2, 2009 4:31 pm

      Yea Jess right when he was like, come see me at the hospital, that whole test thing clicked in my mind and I loved the LOST writers that much more lol. Solid episode, can’t wait till next one

    4. Buzd February 3, 2009 12:28 pm

      What about Daniel’s comoatose girl friend? Where they in love? She must be in some time loop too from one of his experiments. I was wondering if Dan said the “loving someone in this room” was actually him relizing Elie was his Mom, whome I am sure he loves. This episode was amazing. Finally getting more answers than questions.

    5. Adrianne February 3, 2009 12:29 pm

      OK, I wasn’t sure about it at first but I’m starting to like your new format. The “random thoughts” section gives it a little of the old school feel, which helps.

      BTW, loving the new season so far!

    6. Robby Rob February 3, 2009 1:39 pm

      Just wanted to sincerely thank you for the LOST-vivor rankings the previous years. The new format isn’t quite as good but I totally understand your reasons for changing it. Nothing should interfere with your enjoying the show. Take care!

    7. Ken February 3, 2009 3:03 pm

      Dude! I loved the Lost-vivor recaps of past seasons. Had me in tears. I’ve come to depend on it. I am terrifically disappointed. Go back to doing it the old way - NOW!

    8. Datadog February 3, 2009 4:34 pm

      I hope there’s other bombs on the island called Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie. In fact, if anyone mentions Mr. Weatherbee in the next few episodes, this will become the best TV show ever made.

    9. Leah February 4, 2009 12:16 am

      Am I the only one who is vowing to re-watch the entire LOST drama starting from Episode One when this is all said and done? My head is spinning a bit from all the time travel this epi.

      Yes, Des named his kid Charlie in honor of the hobbit…ignore those people saying it’s Charles Widmore in the future or some crap. Remember “NOT PENNY’S BOAT”? Charlie is responsible for bringing Des and Penny back together.

      I kept saying to my husband before this epi…Daniel’s mom is the chalk-thingy lady (Hawking). I love the “Brief History of Time” nod. Cool!

    10. Leah February 4, 2009 12:21 am

      One more thing…I’ll bet Widmore can’t come back because, in the words of Ben, “he moved the island.” Remember, you can’t return if you do so.

    11. Danny February 4, 2009 9:41 am

      I’m totally with you Leah on the whole, rewatch this whole shindig when its done, and it’ll probably be the best weekend ever when that happens lol

    12. Rhubarb_Runner February 5, 2009 3:37 pm

      “…the earliest time at which the watch is known to exist…”
      Pretty sure you meant compass, not watch.

      I loved Locke’s reaction when meeting Charles Widmore — classic. Charlotte is just not growing on me at all, but Miles’ snark can give Sawyer’s a run for the money, I bet.

    13. Bre February 5, 2009 5:34 pm

      Missed chance last week to say I like the new format. Completely understand wanting to get back to enjoying a show and I appreciate how much time & effort the Score cards took.

      This episde:
      loved kick-ass Sayid and loved his warning Ben to “stay away from Hugo”
      I thought the woman who answered the door for Desmond was the girl with the gun?!?
      Loved the Sawyer moment - He say Kate [remind me though, was that Aaron's birth? somehow I remember it differently]
      Loved that an actually sympathic moment for Charles Windmore. To think he might really love his daughter and wants Penny to be safe.
      -course he could’ve addded the warning about Ben looking to kill her..would’ve been helpful
      So is Ben rounding up survivors to flush Penny?
      Is Sun behind the hit on Sayid?
      Why, oh why isn’t Jack the Loser of the Week with “His let me talk to her. I can fix this speech”. It seems to be the same arrogance that you mention Locke’s guilty of.
      Wasn’t to shocked by the Widmore on the Island reveal -am wondering if Locke’s stupidly mentioning his name in front of everyone means that Widmore has been paying attention to him for quite awhile.

    14. Bre February 5, 2009 5:39 pm

      Am also baffled by the compass.
      Richard gave Locke the compass and now Locke’s giving it to Past Richard, who will eventually est Locke with it (& Locke will fail) but I can’t remember the earlier eps.

      Daniel’s & Myles have grown on me - Charlotte not so much

      re: last week’s ep - since i missed commenting on it.
      I think Sawyer’s “you told her” was a good quip - He actually accepts that he’s time traveling, which can’t be easy

    15. Datadog February 5, 2009 10:31 pm

      Justas just sent this to me. It seemed appropriate for this site:

      Sayid does Stand-Up: http://www.tvsquad.com/2009/02/05/the-comedic-stylings-of-sayid-jarrah-video/

    16. shubhranshu March 13, 2009 7:59 pm

      Your new format is indeed interesting. The “random thoughts” section gives it new dimension of popularity.

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