noanim patch for squid

Overview This is a quick and dirty hack that removes all but the first frame of animated gifs. I hate animated gifs, and I don't understand why browsers don't have an option to disable them. Hence this patch.
Download noanim.patch 0.3 (against Squid 2.3 STABLE4).


Overview windsock is a very limited SOCKS version 4/5 proxy server, written in Java.
Quote Necessity is the mother of invention.
Download windsock 0.1.1.


Overview distit is a perl script which keeps files the same over multiple shell accounts. Let's say you have your .zshrc configured to be used with distit. Now if you edit your .zshrc in one account, all you have to do is run distit and the change will automagically be copied to all your other accounts.
Review "distit is probably one of the most useful pieces of software I use on a daily basis." -- Bret Martin
Download Sound useful? Get distit 1.33.


Overview shuffle is a real C program that shuffles either its command-line or its stdin. I use it to shuffle my list of midi-files and so play 'em in a random order, to pick a random background each time I run X, and to pick a random xlock mode, but you could use it for many other purposes, like picking a random tagline, or a random IRC server. Basically anywhere where some kind of randomness is needed shuffle might come in handy.
Download Sound useful? Get shuffle 1.4.

Tim Newsome,[Free speech NOW!]