Visions - Digital Snapshots

I don't profess to be a photographer. I really don't know a great deal about the profession, or about the hobby, or about the technology. This said, ever since I bought my digital camera, the opportunities to capture the sights around me have readily made themselves known. Below, I have collected some of my favourites. All images can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail photos.

All images contained herein are contained under copyrights owned by me. Permission may be granted to use them, in some circumstances, pending my approval.


A tree that stood out from all the rest, for some reason. February 2002.

Some yellow tree buds in the early spring. I took many of these springtime pictures to capture the emergence of spring growth amidst the winter grasp. March 2002

More buds. March 2002

Some early springtime flowers. March 2002.

Some budding leaves. March 2002.

From a creek crossing, on a bike trail near my house. March 2002

The sun setting over the same creek, about a mile downstream. March 2002

While not purely "nature", I guess, it was the sunset that I was trying to capture. March 2002

A simple photo of the sky. August 2002

Another sky photo, with the clouds having some sort of shadow effect. August 2002

The same clouds, this time with the sun. August 2002

A variation on a theme, eh. August 2002

Sunset, somewhere over the Chesapeake Bay. October 2002

Dogwood berries... snapped these just outside my front door. November 2003

A cautious squirrel. November 2003

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh cherries purchased at the local Farmers' Market. June 2002

Another angle. June 2002

A variety of things grown on my balcony. Slightly digitally enhanced, July 2002.

A ripening cayenne pepper. July 2002

Green jalepenos. July 2002

Unripe habaneros. July 2002

Unripe tabascos. July 2002

...this time with a friend. July 2002

Another collection of garden bounty, several weeks later. August 2002.

I was about to go to work, when, after a hard rain, I saw the habaneros again, and had to shoot them. August 2002


I originally took this while in Beijing. It wasn't until afterwards that I noticed the Fanta bottle -- an interesting social commentary, perhaps. May 2002

Funny & Interesting

The remains of a midnight snack, in Beijing. May 2002

From a small-town (Johnson City, TN) Fourth of July show. July 2003

From the same show. July 2003

I didn't like this one at first; I thought it was marred by the stadium light. But later on, I felt it added character. July 2003

This is probably two fireworks - I guess I caught the one in the middle just as it exploded. July 2003